Embarking on Couch to 5K. . .Again

I started C25K today for the umpteenth time. The first time I did it (about five years ago) was the most successful.  I had never been a runner before that.  I had never wanted to be a runner before that.  I thought runners were CRAZY.

What I learned was that I liked being a runner.  I liked the feeling of accomplishment.  I liked the way I felt after the run; it kicked my ass like no other exercise I’ve ever done.  And I loved the way the pounds and fat melted off and my muscles developed sexy definition.

Obviously I didn’t stick with and I haven’t been able to complete the program again since then.  Why not?  While I was on the treadmill today, I thought about what made me fall off the wagon during my previous attempts. Some of the pitfalls for me have been:

  1. Trying to do too much, too soon. I have an old knee injury and need to be careful about high-impact activity, especially when I weigh as much as I do now. With that in mind, I’m going to stretch out the program by only running two days a week for the first couple of weeks.
  2. Trying to increase speed/intensity. After the first few sessions, I start fiddling with speed and incline on the treadmill and subsequently end up being too tired or too sore to do the next run. I need to stick with same speed for the entire 9 weeks (or get outside and run part of the time).
  3. Getting obsessed with the “perfect” playlist and/or creating my own podcast, at the expense of actually running. This usually kicks in around weeks 3 to 5, because I don’t like the music on the Ullrey podcasts for those weeks.

These are the three big danger zones. If I can avoid them this time around, I think I can go the distance.

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