Couch to 5K: Week 1, Day 2

I ran inside on the treadmill for 1.51 miles and my overall pace (including warm-up and cool-down) was 3.23 mph. I say “I ran” even though it is really jogging/walking – I’m trying to get into the mindset that I’m a runner.

I burned 60 fewer calories than I did on Wednesday for almost the exact same workout, which was somewhat disappointing. This just shows that a lot more goes into burning calories than simply the exercise being performed.

This was a harder run than Wednesday. Day 2 is always harder than days 1 and 3, I think.  I had a cramp in my right calf and foot for most of the run. Interestingly, the cramp was better during the jogging intervals; it was also much worse at the beginning than at the end, so I’m glad I worked through it.

I’m only running two days this week, so D3 is next Wednesday.

Workout Summary:

54 minutes total exercise
C25K program: alternate 60 seconds jogging with 90 seconds walking, plus 5 minutes each warm-up and cool-down.
5 sets on the AbLounge
Power Yoga for Beginners

HRM Stats:

332 calories
Avg HR 121, Max HR 155
Avg HR% 68, Max HR% 87
In Zone (116-153) 0:31:26

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