Couch to 5K W5D2

I’m starting to feel like a “real” runner. I made it through today’s 8-minute jogging intervals without stopping.  I used a couple of strategies to help me get through.

First, I used two songs of about four minutes each for the jogging intervals.  That way I knew when the first song ended that I was about halfway through.

Second, I limited the times that I would let myself look at the timer.  My treadmill has a little “track” in the upper left corner of the console (the timer is on the bottom right); lights go on as you progress around a quarter-mile.  I let myself look at the track and visualized turning the corners on my old high-school track.  I would only look at the timer during the second song of the interval and only when I completed a lap on the track.

People always say running is a mental challenge as much as physical challenge.  Sometimes the mental challenge is surpassed by playing mind games.

Day 3 is Wednesday! (Yes, I’m psyching myself up for that 20-minute run.)

Workout Summary:

61 minutes total exercise:
C25K program: warmup 5 min., jog 8, walk 5, jog 8, cooldown 5
Tamilee Webb I Want Those Abs
Power Yoga for Beginners

HRM Stats:

383 calories
Avg HR 121, Max HR 160
Avg HR% 68, Max HR% 89
In Zone (121-151) 0:21:31

Today’s Playlist:

Justify My Love – Madonna
Desire – U2
Pride (In the Name of Love) – U2
Viva La Vida – Coldplay
When Tomorrow Comes – Eurythmics
Good Stuff – The B-52s
Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
I Hear the Bells – Mike Doughty
Smooth – Santana & Rob Thomas

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