My new favorite breakfast food

I’m always running late in the morning and never seem to have time for breakfast, so I keep single-serving packets of oatmeal in my desk, so that I can eat when I get to work.  I’ve tried several different varieties, trying to up the nutritional value.  I’ve tried the “weight-loss” versions, “heart-healthy,” Kashi, etc., but I’ve never found anything I that I liked as much as original Quaker Oats.  Until now.

simpleharvesthot-mapleThis is a whole-grain cereal made with oats, wheat, and barley.    I’m trying to get more nuts into my diet, and two of the flavors include pecans and almonds, which is why this new brand caught my eye.  The ingredient label is a short list of real foods – no unpronounceable chemicals –  and it contains flax seed (Omega 3s).  When I saw that it only has 75 mg of sodium, compared to 270 mg in regular flavored instant oatmeal, I was sold.  See the complete ingredient list and nutritional breakdown here.

I first tried the Vanilla, Almond, and Honey flavor.  I have to admit, it took a few days to get used to.  The texture is different than oatmeal, because of the variety of grains and the flax seed.  (Also, don’t let it get cold and try re-heating it in the microwave.  I shudder at the memory.)  But once I got used to the texture, I really like it.  I’ve also tried the Maple Brown Sugar with Pecans, which I really love.

I can’t imagine going back to regular oatmeal.

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