Healthcare Classic 5K

I ran my first 5K (well, first in five years, second total) yesterday.

I got off to a bit of a rocky start.  My intention was to do the C25K W6D1 intervals, since that was my regularly scheduled run for the day.  However, I started out too fast and the race begins going up up a long, steep hill.  Halfway up the hill, my heart rate was already up to 170 and I was beginning to gasp for breath, so I had to walk.  After that, my run/walk intervals were all messed up.  The course is quite hilly and it seemed like every running interval was supposed to start just as we got to a big hill.  In the end, I walked when I could and ran when I could and it all worked out okay.

The best part was the last leg.  I’ve been running really slowly so far; my goal is to finish C25K and I figure speed can come later.  But I had energy left, and after all, this was a race.  I ran as fast as I could the last couple of minutes.  You know what?  It felt good.

My time was 46:44.8, which I don’t think is too bad, considering that I’ve only been running 5 weeks and that I walked way more than I had intended.  My company has a team in this race every year, so I’m already thinking about how much I can improve between now and next year.

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