Couch to 5K Week 6 Day 3

I am really liking this week.  D2 (which I didn’t have time to post about) was very good and D3 was awesome.

Today was my first 25-minute run.  I won’t say it was a breeze, but it wasn’t hard.  If anyone had told me six weeks ago that I would say running 25 minutes wasn’t hard, I would have told them they were CRAZY.  If you are thinking about doing this program, but think you can’t, stop thinking.  Just do it.  If I can do this, anyone can.  Seriously.

After the run, I did Yoga for Runners (the practice I posted about here).  This was my third time and it is getting easier, also.  I sort of know what the flow will be and I’m able to get into some of the poses that were unfamiliar to me (half moon, for example).  I’m going on vacation next week and I’m taking the audio for this practice with me on my iPod.  I’ll also be doing Week 7 while I’m away, so look for posts in a couple of weeks.

Workout Summary:

67 minutes total exercise
C25K program: warmup 5 min., jog 25, cooldown 5
Yoga for Runners

HRM Stats:

443 calories

Avg HR 126, Max HR 164
Avg HR% 70, Max HR% 92
In Zone (117-147) 0:23:25

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