Spinning is Evil. . .and other tales from the Mediterranean

I went on a Mediterranean cruise last week, which was fabulous and not as detrimental to my weight loss plan as I had feared.  One hears such amazing stories about the food on cruises (all true).   Apparently the average person gains five pounds on a cruise, but I actually lost a pound!  I ate like a horse, but I tried to make good food choices, even though I did eat dessert every night and drank margaritas by the pool most afternoons.  I had intended to stay on track with Couch to 5K and to exercise every day, but that didn’t happen.

I was traveling with friends and the day we boarded the ship, we did a quick tour of the fitness center.  The crew gave us the full-court press selling fitness classes and we all signed up for the three-class yoga package.  I also signed up for the three-class spinning package, because I’ve always wanted to try spinning.   My friends wimped out and didn’t show for the first yoga class, which was at 8:30 AM on our first full day.  I, of course, showed up and so was charged for all three classes to the tune of $35 plus tip.  The class was great, but I ended up not being able to attend the other two sessions because of time conflicts.  Oh well.  I learned some new postures – Revolved Triangle, Warrior 3 and Swan – which is always fun and got some good advice on other postures (the benefits of being in a class instead of following a video).

The first Spinning class was also on the first day of the cruise.  I met a nice lady who helped me set up my bike and gave me some pointers.  She said she hated spinning the first three times she did it, but then she started liking it and has now been doing it for ten years.  She was a skinny-minnie, so it obviously works for her.  We started out by immediately “climbing a steep hill,” (hello, what about a warm-up?) with resistance going up every minute or so and Shannon (the teacher) yelling just another minute for about ten minutes.  I hate that.  Don’t tease me with time.  Everybody in the class was standing, but I just couldn’t do it.  That uses completely different muscles than running and I couldn’t get the hang of adjusting the resistance.  So I stayed seated for most of the 45-minute class, which still kicked my behind.  I’ve never found an exercise that gets my heart rate up and burns as many calories in the same amount of time as running, but spinning so does.  Alas, just as with the yoga classes, I couldn’t attend the other two spinning classes because of time conflicts with our port visits; I was also very sore in an unfortunate part of my anatomy for three or four days.  So I may never get past the three classes that it takes to fall in love with spinning. . .

From this point on, my formal exercise program was shot to hell.  I didn’t make it to the fitness center again, but we walked a lot.  A lot, a lot, a lot.  I could barely handle standing in the evenings when we got back to the ship because the soles of my feet were so tired.  So I feel like I got plenty of exercise and apparently I burned off all the chocolate and margaritas.

Yesterday was my first day at home, so I jumped in where I left off with C25K W7D2.  This puts me a week behind schedule for graduation, but that’s okay.  The run was awesome and I tacked on an extra mile of walking at the end and then did abs and 30 minutes of power yoga.

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