Adult Fitness Test – Take 2

I did the President’s Challenge Adult Fitness test again on Sunday (May 31).  I’m officially 9 percent fitter than I was a month ago (not really – the whole thing is based on percentiles, not percentages, but this sounds better, I think).

So, the results. . .

Aerobic Fitness

* 1.5 mile run in 19:49; 15%ile – I’m really disappointed in this.  I did the walk test last time because I wasn’t running 1.5 miles at a time yet.  I really thought I would get extra points for running instead of walking, but my percentile ranking went DOWN from 20%ile.  The fact is I could have run faster than I did – I had some juice left when I finished – but I’m not good at pacing myself yet.  I’m thinking about doing the walk test again later this week for an apples-to-apples comparison.

Muscular Strength

* Half Sit-ups in one minute: 23; 30%ile – this is 3 more sit-ups and a 10%ile increase.  Not too shabby.

* Push-ups: 10; 30%ile – I’m excited about this one, because I really want to be able to do more push-ups (I understand that 30-day Shred will really help with this – watch out for my July 1 results).


* Sit-and-Reach: 14; 25%ile – this is an increase of 3 inches and 20%ile points.  To be honest, I’m not sure I did the test correctly last time.  Your feet are supposed to be about 12-inches apart and I don’t remember noticing that in the instructions.  I also don’t feel that this is a true test of my flexibility – I’m fairly flexible overall, but my hamstrings have always been tight.  But this is the test, so oh well.

Overall Score

* 25%ile, up from 16.

I am definitely becoming a fitter chick.

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