Experiments in Running with My Dog

I have always wanted to have a dog to run with, even before I was running. I don’t know why. It just seemed cool.

ChocolateChocolate has been with me two years, but I’ve only recently taken up running again.  I haven’t wanted to try running with her, because I was so focused on finishing the C25K program myself.

Wednesday, she and I were out for a walk, and I decided to try jogging a little.  It worked so well, that I took her with me this morning for my Saturday outdoor run.  I decided to run in my neighborhood, rather than running the route I usually take on Saturdays.  The downside to running in my neighborhood is that it is small – one loop is only 8/10 of a mile, which means I have to go around three or four times.  The upside is that I could put water for both Chocolate and me at the end of my driveway; each time we passed the house, we could stop for a quick water break.

She is SO excited when we go out that I can barely stay at a walk in order to warm-up.  I mean, she is ready to GO!  But she settled down enough for me to jog when it was time to, although she still wanted to go faster than me.  My gait was off at the beginning, because I had to keep such a tight grip on the leash.  However, after about 1 1/2 loops, Chocolate was tired enough that she trotted along beside me (well, a little ahead of me) and I could relax my arms.

However, and this is a big however, on both Wednesday and today, an animal ran across the road the road in front of us.  On Wednesday, it was a rabbit; today it was a squirrel.  Fortunately, both times, I was taking a walk break.  I say fortunately, because Chocolate immediately surged after these fun toys.  I’m afraid that if I had been running, she would have pulled me off balance, leading to who know what injuries.  I’m hoping, as she gets used to running with me, that she will be less likely to do this, but she is bred to hunt, so I don’t know.

Today may be one of the most fun runs I’ve done.  Chocolate is great company and I hope that we have many more runs together in our future.

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1 Response to Experiments in Running with My Dog

  1. How wonderful! I just started running with my dog, Pearl. It has been the best thing, ever! I started running one year ago by doing the C25K program. I’ve done a couple of half marathons, and do believe I’m firmly hooked on running. I just started running with my dog (we did our 6th run together today). She is in training to be my full time running partner. My thoughts: WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER?!? 🙂 Have fun running with Chocolate! 🙂 ~Cindy

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