I lost the mission

I have not posted here in nine months. Nine. Months.

I got back on the diet and exercise bandwagon about a week ago, for reasons that I will explain in a later post. I wondered how long it had been since I had really been dedicated to my mission and I knew the blog was the place to look. My last post was June 17, 2009. My first thought was “how sad is that?” It’s now April 2 and I haven’t focused on my weight, my health, and my body in almost a year.

At the time of the last post, I had been eating healthfully and exercising faithfully for 12 weeks and had lost twenty pounds. Since that time, I’ve slowly gone back to my old tricks – eating what was convenient, exercising only sporadically, skipping meals then overeating to compensate – and gained back just over ten pounds in the process. Why are the bad habits so much easier to maintain?

So, now I’m back. Can I stay on track this time? I hope so. While I want to lose the weight again, even more I want to develop healthy, sustainable eating and exercise habits.

I want to find the mission.

What’s my mission? It’s summed up on my About page.

So, I’ve embarked on a lifestyle change. It’s not only about diet and weight-loss, but also it’s about being healthy and feeling good about myself. This blog is a chronicle of my journey to a healthier body, sexier muscles, and skinnier jeans. I may never feel thin, but I am becoming a fit chick.

I was dedicated to that for a three-month period last year.  Can I get back there and stay there?  Can I do it for the long haul?

Let’s find out.

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