Two Workouts and an Adventure

I’m two for two on the the first day of the 21-day challenge.

1) Last night, I moved my alarm clock out of reach of the bed so that I would have to get up to turn it off. I was sooo tempted to go back to bed but I didn’t. I did Firm Burn & Shape (hate this workout), then Namaste Yoga Extended Leg Series (I think that’s the name).

2) This post fulfills my 2nd goal for the challenge – one post a day.

Now for the part of the day I’m really proud of. I had a stressful meeting at work this afternoon, followed by a one-hour commute home, which gave me time to obsess on the meeting. About halfway home, I forced myself to stop thinking about work. Here’s what came after:

You know, the downside to working out in the morning is that I have no way to burn off a stressful workday. This would be a great day to go home and run or do something to really get my heart rate up. Wait, there’s no reason I can’t do an extra workout this afternoon. Is there? No. I could go run. I haven’t been running, though, and I don’t want to mess up my knee. I could do a walk with a steep incline on the treadmill. It’s a beautiful day. A bike ride would be great. I really need to get a bicycle. I could run. Or, hey I could walk around the block. That would get me outside in the sunshine.  Wait a minute. The dog would LOVE to go for a walk. It’s been awhile since I’ve walked her and she would enjoy it so much. That’s it. I’m walking the dog.

So, I got home, changed clothes, and got the leash out. Chocolate was so excited, she barely let me get the leash attached and we were off!

Then, about five minutes into the walk, I had another brainstorm.  I’m walking a 5K this weekend and this is a race where lots of people bring dogs, kids in strollers, you name it.  I could take Chocolate!  Hmm.  This race usually has about 6,000 people and Chocolate has never been around more than a few people at once, plus all those dogs.  She may get too excited.  Can I keep her under control?  Is 5K too much for her?

We did two loops around my neighborhood, which is 1.6 miles, half a 5K.  She was ready for more; in fact, I had to drag her back into the fence.  So the distance I think will be fine.  I’ll carry water so she can have breaks.  Plus, we ran into all the neighborhood dogs today and she did okay with that, especially on the 2nd loop, when she was more tired.

So, two workouts in one day and adventure planned for the weekend!

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