Adult Fitness Test – May 2010

I did the President’s Challenge Adult Fitness test again this week. My overall score has improved 5 percentile points since last time.  I’m pleased, since I haven’t been focused on this.  It’s been almost a year since the last time I took the test and I really thought I might have gone backward.

Aerobic Fitness

* 1 mile walk in 16:29,  heart rate 138, V02 max 28.3; 20%ile – My time was a little slower than the last time I did the walk test, but my heart rate was lower also.

Muscular Strength

* Half Sit-ups in one minute: 23; 30%ile – same as last time.

* Push-ups: 14; 45%ile – I’m very pleased with this one, because last time I could only do 10, which was 30%ile.  I think the improvement is because I learned how to properly do a push-up (thanks Jillian Michaels).


* Sit-and-Reach: 14; 25%ile – same as last time

Overall Score

* 30%ile, up from 25.

I am definitely becoming a fitter chick.

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